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    The Passionate Beholder

    Rashmi Sharma

    You are my only ray of light in this gloomy world.

    I love to see you smile, I furtively peep at you.

    Whenever by a twist of fate, thine eyes kisses mine I feel delighted.

    Every gaze of yours is no less than an era of joy to me.

    We don't reside in a deceptive world, we will not have happy endings here.

    But just a gaze of thine is a joyous rise to me, it is a tranquilizer to my heart , it might be ordinary
    to the universe,

    but it creates a blend of heavenly and erotic sentiments within me, such is the power of your
    Your gaze is eloquent to me it exposes the unrevealed mysteries of your heart. your gaze is
    explicit and booming.

    it forms a bridge uninterrupted from thine soul to mine.

    I can spend an era just by gazing into your eyes.still the zeal will not fade.
    @Soulful_Rashmi Sharma