• skylar_limytz 23w

    At first I was mortified with terror when I began using social media. I always knew there was a lot of stupid out there but I was way off. There's far more than that. We are drowning in it. Quickly I was distracted and responded precisely how stupid should be and forgot about that stupid shit. Second I found myself infatuated with that distraction. Soon thereafter, infatuation blossomed into love. Learning about cultural differences directly from the best source possible, the people of different cultures themselves was definitely a selling factor. It was fascinating to me. For example, in Australia the word cunt is widely accepted and used as well. Where as the word cunt is offensive here. But the word retarded is tossed around without a care. Aussies are highly offended by the word retarded. Quite frankly, I know right from wrong and I know both terms are inappropriately wrong all the time always. But then again it's just like a loud mouthed know it all swollen headed American to pass off their own OPINION as being fact. And self awareness as well as acceptance of one's self is key in being an absolutely SHAMELESS retarded cunt like me. Where does a person get off talking shit like that anyway. What are they stupid. Don't ask me, I'm just a retar.............

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    Assuming.Accepted. Taboo.Opinions. Scientific.Evidence. Factually.Properly. Wrong.Right.