• jayyverma 9w

    If having him beside you,
    Makes you feel safe
    If having him holding you,
    Makes you feel warmth
    If having him sitting near you,
    Makes you feel to hug him tight
    If having him in your life,
    Makes you joyful all the time
    If having him next to you,
    Makes you feel sometimes kissing him
    Then trust me. he is your soulmate. don't wait, tell him

    And this is something about soulmate
    A soulmate,
    is someone who challenges
    you to be better, someone who cant
    stand seeing you sad, someone who
    stays faithful, loyal and committed
    to you, someone who helps
    take care of you when
    you're sick,
    someone who stands
    by your side through the
    good days and the bad days,
    and someone who wants
    to grow old and grey
    with you.
    @girlyalmighty @hittu_19 @neonika_tomar

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    Just tell him