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    We, human beings, are the epitome of completion. We are complete yet, never content. When life goes smooth, one deems it as "dull" and longs for adventure and when life becomes adventurous, one yearns for stability.

    I have always been fascinated by the cuckoo and crow's strange alliance. It's called brood parasitism. The cuckoo lays her eggs in the crow's nest and the crow, totally naive, falls for it each time. Yet, she accepts it. For her it's her life. No regrets no curses.

    If deception is inherent in nature, then us complaining about deception and connivance in our lives seems de trop.

    Sit back and let life go on. You just walk with life, don't run away from it

    P.C- DeviantArt

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    Cuckoos deceive,
    Crows get fooled each time,
    Yet, do they curse their fate?