• khwaabeida 50w

    Letter to my boy bestfriend

    To my boy bestfriend,
    Whenever you ask me why am I not as possesive and protective about you as I used to be, I mostly just avoid the question but today in this letter I'll tell you all the things you wanted to know.

    Yes I feel bad when she gives me a look that your boy bestfriend is mine now but I can never be jaelous of her.
    But the funniest part is
    That girl thinks I am jealous of her
    She doesn't even know the message she got from you about how precious she is, was actually framed and sent by me because you're really a fucking loser at impressing the girls.

    Now coming to your concerns about why am I not as possesive and protective for you as earlier, that is because I know my value and I know your girlfriend might change every year but you can never replace me, Idiot. Because then who will help you in framing the messages to impress the girls, who will understand the child hidden behind your arrogant and stubborn behaviour also who would hold you back from doing wrong and breaking every other girl's heart as you feel you're in love every second day.

    Stop sympathising over me for how you can't make enough time for me and you better start sympathising over yourself. The amount of crimes and wrongs you have done are going to fall back onto you. Ohh Hey, don't worry, I'm here to share all the penalties with you forever until and unless it is in the form of loosing our friendship as a penalty.

    So at last just a reminder if we ever fight it is never going to be about your girlfriend or your relationship. It'll be about us. Our friendship. Our fights. Our love. Stop apologising for being a little distant from me now a days because very soon you'll come back to me crying about how she's not worth it and you'll start being clingy all over again. So let me enjoy my peace and holidays from a whole time crybaby for few months. You also enjoy your "baby" "shona" days for as much as time you can. I hope this time you'll break your record and it's going to be more than just 3 weeks. Okay loser bye. I hate you more. Just 15 more of this shona if you really want to break your record. Good luck. I hope you will fail at it with flying colours, Dumbo.