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    Inside My Negative Mind: The Chronicles #thoughts #diary #life

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    Confessions: Inside My Negative Mind IV

    We'll all be at certain points in life and to be, stay or get out of there, we'll have changed. Perhaps, nothing scares me as much as life's silence. Indeed, they say, silence is the greatest weapon in the battle of life; but if life in itself is a battle, then is every moment we're living a preparation for the worst and bad alike? Do you realize that we'll all have been thieves, murderers, liars, and all the shitty stuff you can think of by the time we die? Yes, we will kill people in our lines of work. We will lie in the name of love. We will be wreckless due to incompetence. We will do shit to survive. All this will have happened in 10 years. A picture of 1 year ago has me looking completely different; please don't record this moment because it'll kill me in ten years.