• _dhasbhai02 50w


    She was my mind reader
    And I was her only prey
    Never a day ended without loneliness
    Hope I would find a person to talk to
    Nope no one in this darkness.

    She used to look sat my eyes
    She keeps staring ,until I speak
    Even though she read my mind
    Who knows the curse of darkness
    If they ever would
    I would have seen a candle by now ,
    Nope not in this darkness.

    Maybe this darkness is from me
    Not from the night
    Maybe I am doomed to darkness
    Maybe I am scared of light
    I am not a vampire
    I am just a prey for this darkness of mine,

    Not until I saw a smile
    A pretty smile ,it did fade faster
    But this darkness was gone
    When I smile ,
    This darkness was nowhere
    Not in the sky,
    Not in me
    Not in this darkness.

    You pretty smile
    Where were you all these days
    Why didn't you met me earlier
    And you tell me not to worry,because
    I have come cheer up
    And I hide all my bruises from the darkness
    To cheer only with you
    When you leave I forget to smile
    And the darkness haunts me again ,
    Would you know any of this
    I swear you won't
    Not in this darkness.