• bagrisucheta 23w

    Written on #doctors_day #GMC-to-IIT-V

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    An IITian

    There was a one fine night,
    She studied well n he tried,
    She was loquacious,
    He was innocent,
    This innocence made her thrive..
    He was an IITian, she was a medico
    This difference was enough to let it go!!
    But that 747 kms were decided to be covered,
    Unfortunately that still remains uncovered..
    They were miles apart,
    But in a month he became her part..
    The Chinese remainder theorem started reminding him of her
    N the sunflower cataract, her of him...

    Waiting for 1, 8, 12 O'clock calls
    Gradually became the study break calls,
    For which he made out from his busiest of the schedule
    Thats why he became atoms in her molecule...
    His immense support started from being her 2 AM study partner,
    Ended being a blocked contact in his Truecaller....
    The journey traversed through chotu to dagabaaz re*
    N he reached the destination: in her literature...

    After a while she thanked him for saying no,
    Because her own calibre now she know..

    Its a small thanx giving note on the doctors day
    Bcoz he was a small contributor in making this lill doctor's day!!
    *- the nick names assigned chotu, dagabaaz re..