• l_minlun_haokip 5w

    No Makeup Is The Best Makeup

    The novel tone of your skin is yours alone,
    Why would you change it to artificial clone?

    The shade of your lips is your facial accolade,
    You don't invite avid commercials on it trade.

    The rings of your ears are perfect without earrings.
    The designs that you hang, do not aid your hearings.

    The brows of your eyes are what God endows,
    Changing it to other's, His anger you can arouse.

    The tincture of your hair is properly structured,
    You don't add more textures for eyes be captured.

    Your attractiveness should be your uniqueness;
    Your cuteness should be completely blameless.

    A real man wouldn't be changed by the costly cosmetic,
    For that fake look is more pricy than being alcoholic.

    Beauty lies not on the power of your makeup,
    But on the ground of what character you develop.