• naazfatima_khan 6w

    Years were patient while making me realize what it really feels when your birthday arrives. Growing through the years, I realized the real fortune I am born with.  I grew many years finding it around different places and inside different people. With no surprise, the world itself showed me the real assets of life and the search ends nowhere but at my family.
    I found out my life's real purpose and that way too weirdly, but if I am applauding myself for being that weird, then they're the reason. I went out of my way and lost myself nowhere, but if I love being the lost one to find another way to life, then they're the people behind.
    I made difficult choices and left them with none, but if I am still far more proud of me, then they're the people behind.
    I lost a visible strength in my life and could've easily given up on my dreams, but if I am living all of them now, then they're the people behind.
    I challenged some social rules and they faced all the questions so far, if I am way stronger to the face of everything, then they're the people who faced all of it for me.
    They found all the patience to see my smile without caring about the world's status of achievement.
    They gave me all the courage to dive against or with odds to go deeper for the roots; to grow rooted.
    They let me be the one I wanted to always.
    And today, when I am breathing this day, I became myself in the most beautiful and genuine way. I want to say -

    ‘I couldn't love my life this way possibly ever in thousands era, if I wasn’t born to you. I couldn't find myself so significantly in this whole universe if I hadn't been loved by you. I couldn't be the one who is fearless to the extent in life if I hadn't been freed by you. If I can’t hide my smile in any day of storm, you’re the reason. If this day in history didn't throw me out into this world and I hadn’t knocked at your door; for sure there would be no creation of my name.
    You made my life so large that I already have 10,940 days in record.'

    This day, my open expressions are the heartfelt gratitude and love to the angels I call Family.
    While doing this, I was reminded of a message-
    'Believe in the Miracle and their unexpected forms, if you can hold hands of your family under the darkest clouds and thunderstorms.'
    May you find that gravitas of your being through the different patches of life and find the real value and gratitude of having a family.

    - ©naazfatima_khan