• fargostephens 10w

    They put me in a little room...for my own good..they said.
    There was one small window. Where I could see the Nurses..rushing around
    Then..I went to the psychiatric hospital!
    The food was ok.
    And they had groups. Where we all talked.
    For meals..we had plastic dinnerware.
    Every few hours...we all went to a smoke break..where even the patients who didnt smoke went out..to feel some fresh air..and watch 'everyone..below us..( we were on the 5th floor everything covered by a wire fence. .to keep us from jumping!
    Little poeple rushing rushing around.
    Like it all really mattered.
    Thats where I met Laura .
    Her husband beat her! And she had nothing! So she had tried...tried to go away!
    But when she spoke..It stirred something..in. me.
    After that we sat side by side in the group sessions.
    Holding hands under the table.

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    The Hospital