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    Dedicated to @imaginedemon
    Some are born writers, some achieve writing and some have it thrusted upon them. Whichever of the roads you journey or which to take. Read from @imaginedemon and be inspired I have done that just today and I have drawn some inspirations from his ink.

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    I ink my thought for I one day
    Might be consider a writer.
    I was never born when the ink
    Goes on papyrus. I have read from
    Wordsmith and wished I were equally
    Blessed. And some of them I wish I had
    Read from their library.
    Should you feel similar urge then
    Here is your solace, take out your
    Time and read from @imaginedemon
    For you might be cracked out of
    Shell of restrictions, and before you
    Realise it you are already a great "inker"