• siddhant_scribbles 34w

    Nothing said or done can ever bring back what we have lost. A pure soul which was supposed to add so much more positivity to this endangered planet has lost the great battle of "Angels vs. Demons". Life has once again given up at hands of inhumane intentions.
    And it is not about how religion was weaponised to mask atrocious mistreatment of purity among us animals. It is also not about how some men decided to play devil and planned an act so beastly that some of us cannot find courage to even read through it.
    It is about an obsolete practise called "humanity", which is long lost... Which is to be reignited in all our hearts. Etheral energy wants us to release only positivity and relinquish any sort of negative thought... While what we humans are engrossed in doing is lighting candles, hooting, processions and banners.
    Let us teach our young ones what being human means, what humanity really is...

    With Positive Energy


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    She wasn't lost
    She was snatched away