• tinyperson 23w

    A story.

    Everything that happens in life, is a story. An incident is a story when you tell it to someone. Every life has a story. It's made up of smaller stories. Stories are made up of people. People make up lives. Some stories are amazing and some are terrifying. But they are there. And if asked, I will try to tell you every story that made me who I am now.
    To everyone who thinks they're replaceable, let me tell you about that a little. At least what I think.
    No, you are not replaceable. For you to be replaceable I will have to forget about a part of my life. And it's my life after all. Forgetting a part of my life is like forgetting a part of me. And I don't want to forget me. I want to accept me. I want to accept how I've grown or how I've not. In the story of life, I, myself, am the main character. So how can I forget the main character?