• brahmleen_ 6w

    ~~°°An ode to you°°~~


    White bridges of hidden moon
    amid tall trunks
    peep to glimpse the eternal 
    hues of your awing quill 

    Early pinions of birds croon
    a purple melody of your pen 
    leaving marks of unfathomable 
    life to walk with chutzpah  

    My zahir hidden beneath those 
    traverse hands of pilar by 
    whose side my eyes went 
    sour on the shore of Piedra 

    Pilgrimage standing amid 
    frost cliff stole the 
    verses of my heart 
    whispered in my cold 
    ears to shine above 
    hardest paths 

    I strolled along  the 
    shepherds in a new 
    village to seek my 
    own alchemist 
    that shone nor 
    in between those soils
    but in the pebbles of my heart 

    Your sagacious pages 
    Held my shivery fingers 
    to paint a new canvas upon 
    grey spaces of life 

    Salvo the blood of Brazil
    cutting the doldrum
    fibres of wounds to lit
    ochre candelabrums of rebirth 
    after every death in life