• daphnekirubaharan 10w

    Thatha eagerly waiting for those around to turn blind eyed,
    Just to satisfy his sweet tooth.

    Paatima eagerly waiting for the Sunday edition of tamil, "The Hindu" newspaper,
    Just for the "connect the dots" column.

    Appa eagerly waiting for Ferraro Rocher and butterscotch ice cream soaked in nuts,
    Just after calorie deficit days.

    Amma eagerly waiting for an yearly downpour,
    Just for all her buddies to be drenched in nature's goodness.

    I eagerly waiting for the dusk of the day,
    Just to enjoy my coffee.

    My darling brothers eagerly waiting for weekends,
    Just to vibe on to loud music and to pull off the blanket for a sound sleep.

    Makes me just realise, there is a kid underlying in every soul that many a times remains unnoticed.

    Celebrate the child within you.

    Celebrate you♥️

    Happy Children's day ♥️