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    Aishwarya tiwari

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    Yes i am a girl and i am a feminist
    But neither do i hate men nor do i believe in equality.
    Everything on this earth holds a single space of its own
    Like any other substance.
    There is a famous poetry jhansi ki rani
    Which is again a bit modified my our male dominating society and the line goes this way- khub ladi mardani wo to jhansi wali rani thi
    Its means she fought well like men
    But i would like to ask why like men why not like women.
    If a guy cries people like look at him he is crying like girls.
    Are girls born to cry and be helpless or are men born a warrior.
    But this is not because of the society this is only because of those girls who scream a loud for equality and still what reservation or quota system in govn exams.
    I believe both of these are contradictory.
    In a queue of 10 people either i can stand ahead of someone or at the back i cannot stand on the head.
    Girls deserve to live their personal life of their choice and the rights similar rights like anyone else on this planet but not because they are girls but because they also have birth right on it just like men.