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    #writersnetwork #mirakee That's when the activities in a party and within one's mind are somewhat similar. Also, Happy New Year. Release. Breathe.

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    Dec 31, 2017
    Time: 2.00 A.M.

    Situation: I'm on my terrace and a house party is going on the next terrace. People are partying and dancing, talking and singing at the top of their voices. I'm observing them. Varied songs are being played.

    "I somehow like watching them, just observing them. It's like observing the chaos within and "noise" therein. Some are high on energy, some are stamping their feet slowly, I even see the trees, feeling those beats. Music stops and plays. In between, they're talking high and low. Fog is covering the sky. I do not know if this party will go on forever or come to an end.
    Yes, the noise is disturbing but I'll let it be. I'm aware of the endless music of thoughts that stays. I might like it when the song I like plays, otherwise it's the other way. But I'll let it be. Because maybe that's how I can come to terms with them and come to terms with my own mind which is caught in time."