• antas_kumar 6w

    Some people say, I'm devoid of emotions, I'm that boy who kills not to earn but to have fun.
    Maybe it's true, maybe..
    I Kill just to see the gut scrawled over floor, to see humans writhing in agony begging for mercy..not to let them live but to kill them
    But are you sure this is the reality
    Are you sure this is not an assumption.
    Even if it's, don't I deserve love.
    I can't just because I'm a murderer..
    Just because people hate me, no one of these will hold my hand and fumble with my hair, dwelling deep in my eyes..
    Just because it's my destiny to kill,
    I'm not destined to be love?
    Just because I'm a coldface Monk!
    Just because they say I'm devoid of emotions
    ??!?? #thoughts #diary #life

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    Are you sure this is the reality?

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