• divineingabire 5w

    Look at mi eyes

    I 'm enough of trying to show u how much I love u I 'm sick of crying while u are smiling I 'm sick of missing you while u are with other girls I 'm sick of being your toy now I want to know look at mi eyes and tell me what I am to you

    Sometimes u say u love me other times u say don't know . I became your ball bcz u take me where u want sometimes you throw me in dam but u don't realize it but it hurts stop treating me that I don't deserve it

    Look at mi eyes and say want u have in ur heart I know u can say want I don't want to hear but I really want to know what I am to you I want know want is inside ur heart I really want know what is behind that look I really want know wht is behind of ur smile I really want know plz remove me in this circle now look at mi eyes and tell me.