• unused_brain 10w

    Waiting for her here for so so long
    Listening to a beautiful deep sad song
    When i saw her face for the while
    My face got masked with a little smile
    I won't run and hug you at all
    M angry...coz you let me fall
    Now its my turn to make you sad
    For all the feelings which then i had
    You have to regret and you will
    And you will think how these feel
    When you are thrown from a very high hill
    And you see your love standing still
    I dont know how sad you then will be remember I was sad coz it happened to me
    You threw me down from the very high hill
    The hill which you made with your will
    It was supposed to be built by love
    The love which made both of us evolve
    But it was built by a very fake trust
    Which is now as deadly as a brust
    I couldn't see you from there
    Then i knew you have gone somewhere
    Somewhere far ,far away from me
    I wish you may become as much happy you can be
    I will love you forever and ever
    And i know that you'd love me never
    And i know you'd love me never