• kaekay 6w

    Your hallow stitches of dead skin are flawless faults and countless stars.They made you stronger than you have ever been,they made you believe in life again,they showed you that you have survived everything,every guilt.They reminds you of all the bad days and the pain you have been suffering with,they make you grateful,for those days are gone.Everytime a new problem arrives your scars tell you it shall pass too and you shall heal soon.Every single time you touch that sensitive skin of your body it tells you life is bigger than body,it has nothing to do with mere physical appearance.
    Evert scar of your body holds a lot of memory customized for you,that no others would realise.It holds that beauty,pain, pleasure,love,regret - almost all the emotions of your life.
    Next time you go out don't hide that beautiful scar of yours.Love all your fallings and false and of course all the scars because they are what you are.
    -keerthana jayaprakash.

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    Your scars complete you