• sahilanigar 6w

    Talk to me ,and sometimes, maybe, tell me to stop writing these sad pieces about loneliness and aloofness. Because, my love, my fingers have forgotten to write happy stories. Don't come close to me with the idea of fixing me. I don't need it. You can't do it, you don't have to and most importantly you shouldn't. But when I want to cry and tears abandon me, come a little closer and let your hands cup my face . Baby, please, when I tell you to leave, don't. When I hold the door for you, shut it close and have you locked. Don't ask about my anger or sadness, they exist together. Take my palm in your hands and close the fingers and open them again. Repeat untill you see my anger slipping off. Look at me and smile and tell me to smile. Please stay untill you decide to go.!!