• unseen_and_beyond 22w

    To Heart Beats

    Each conversation vexes me.

    But at the end, when I lay down, the question throbs and asks of an answer. I have decided to go against my faith—loneliness— to answer it more rationally but the challenge is quite huge to win. Every time, faith wins, and as I'm left pondering, a mass collects inside my throat, a feeling weighs me down that I can't swallow. The ceilings turn mundane and it is the outside that I glance at.

    We are trying too hard to hold on to conventions, experimenting endlessly, masking truths endlessly. And when you lay to ashes, the guilt is that no one was there to bury the memories.

    If the emotions were to take shape, the crowd would've been handicapped. The believers win, the lonely ponder forever.

    © Aisha Talan