• lunaeclipsed 5w

    Excerpt from Devilish Smirks

    Logan and I met four years ago in High school: he walked into the cafeteria and stopped in the doorway, staring at me with, what I assumed to be, infatuation, but when Lindsay walked past him and towards me, he realized how he just passed me in the hallway. then, I saw his eureka face appear, not knowing it was a common expression for him. He approached me and Lindsay, asking if we would model for him.
    “Like, you you? Because that’s gonna cost ya.” Lindsay asked, only half-joking.
    “No no, not for me.” Logan clarified. “Like, for my Instagram and stuff.”
    When we agreed, we did not expect to be modeling for money, nor did I think that Logan and I would start dating, but both happened right after graduation last year.