• theyoungpoetess14 6w

    Closure of schools

    The immoral disease
    That makes the world to freeze
    It denies humans to achieve
    And seize their hygiene
    It only needs vaccine
    To release the victims it restrained

    It is trying shutdown our school and seize our right
    It is only song i can recite
    And only car i can ignite
    We want to fight
    For our right
    And it's blocking our way
    With a fright

    Now schools have closed
    So how do we learn
    It still exists
    Though we don't value it
    Some said is a lie
    But i believed it's real
    We can get rid of it
    By following safety measures
    With cooperation
    Like wearing our mask
    Storing our goods in a cask
    and applying sanitizers to our hands
    Because it is a deadly disease
    That ambush everyone ©️Aysha Makoda