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    I posted that poem long ago on my website crumpled paper. I guess today is the best to post it again. #mother @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @willow923 @lovenotes_from_carolyn @carolyns_lovenotes_and_reposts

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    I learned to let go!

    My hands were cuffed by her hands,
    I said “mother leave me, it’s hurting”
    But in spite of my unwillingness to move my feet,
    She used to drag me down to saloon near me,
    Tears were running down my cheeks,
    As those cold scissors were running down my neck,
    Cutting inches of my locks,
    I used to come home with a long face, complaining,
    Then my mother said to me once,
    The more you’ll let it go, the more it’ll grow.
    I understood this after I met him,
    He was as dear as my hairs in sixteen,
    He was my first love & first kiss,
    I had all the dreams of a perfect future with him,
    I fell from grace just to keep him,
    But he couldn’t love me enough than his sins,
    So he left me,
    I felt all my world crushing beneath my feet,
    I used to cry myself to sleep,
    I used to scream in my dreams,
    One day I remembered my mother’s teaching,
    The more you’ll let it go, the more it’ll grow,
    I learned to let go every inch of him,
    He wasn’t just mine to keep.
    And I grew up in between.