• shabibaafrin 31w


    Vague images of her past
    Lies behind those shadowy eyes
    Somber childhood did she have
    When she was left behind by folks
    When only a few bucks,
    mattered more than lives
    Why would she cry now...no
    There is no reason left!
    For her hope is no more alive
    That hope of escaping,
    Escaping this long lost world
    She rummaged every way
    Only to find her so done
    For when she had a glimpse of hope
    No one did turn!!
    She is only wanted,
    Wanted to fullfill their urge!
    And all their wild fantasies
    Treated like a shame
    Named as a whore, a slut and a prostitute
    By all those sacred women
    Claiming to be the epitome of purity,
    Of their great Adam's world
    Let alone men!!
    But did anyone ever thought once,
    Was it her choice of life?
    ┬ęshabiba Afrin