• shahika 22w

    To all the people in my life who think I don’t care anymore,

    I do care it’s just that I’m tired of showing affection and not getting any back. It’s not you but people change as their situation changes and how certain life event turns out for them, so did i. I still care for you and I’m still your friend, the one that replied to you in a minute, was there whenever you needed just a text away whether for a breakup consolation or for a help in caption/picture selection, the only difference is that now I’ve set my priorities, i put myself first now and back then i was no where in my own priority list. Just because I don’t text you constantly, everyday, doesn’t mean I don’t care or I’m ignoring it’s just that i don’t like that kind of conversations anymore, we can meet and i can talk for hours or we can call sometimes & share what happened by far in life, we still stay the same, nothing changes. Even if we don’t talk for say months I’ll still consider you whenever someone says, “road trip with friends” or a certain incident that we were part of. I still love you and care for you it’s just that now i love & care for myself a bit more but I’ll still be there for you whenever you need me.

    -Your good old friend.