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    //I Said it in a Bucket//
    I saw some light.
    It's uncanny, if you can feel funny, hated, and loved, at the same time, by the same person. When some one who never left you, picked you up where you fell, cried with every sob you let out, danced with you, made you feel better about yourself, but, most importantly, gave you all the happiness you deserve, when she can forget you within the flick of a second, and hurt you like you never existed, what do you feel like?
    Are you looking at that person, right now?
    Yes, you are.
    Is she sleeping?
    Yes, she is.
    Is she angry?
    Has she thought all of it over, before hurting you?
    Yes, she has. And she still believes that you are her best creation.
    But, sadly, even if I admit, that I am hurting, you won't find the story appetizing. No one would.
    So I'm going to keep it to myself, unless somebody asks for it. So, you can go ahead, if there are people out here, who want to know about my life.
    No, it's quite ordinary. I am a very simple girl, with a simple life, and a perfect family, and I know, I won't ever let it get ruined. That's where my troubles start. I taped my heart. I put my soul at stake. So, here's where it begins.
    It begins with a Nothing. A whole new, Nothing.
    It has been rough. And then, you sell out your souls, for words of comfort. You can end up hurting yourself a lot more than you imagined. You can stay still, but still get bitten. It's important to run. Run away.
    What if you cannot?
    What if, you just, seem like, leaking into some vacuum. Maybe, just evaporating into some stuff you never wanted to become.
    It's because, what you had was beautiful. Someone just screwed it up? The person who loved you so much, just thought of one more nice thing, and messed your day.
    And, you are there. Standing with one foot on this battle in paradise, trying to find a hellhole, which would surely make you feel safer, better.
    We all feel bad.
    It's always happening to us.
    One time or the other.
    It hurts when the best people don't get you.
    And, it will always hurt.
    You can change yourself.
    You can get better.
    Still, you might find yourself get stuck sometimes.

    I suggest, tell it to a bucket.

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    I said it in a bucket.

    It begins with a Nothing. A whole new, Nothing.
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