• steb19 6w

    I wish to know a person I may never meet.

    I do not need the personal info that makes you real, i do not need your Facebook.

    I wish to know only what makes you human.

    boy/girl/age/nation only as needed for relevancy.

    I would like to write

    as i do,

    only to a person.

    Yes, I will create poetry, as a letter, just for you.

    I will write it privately, or publically, in a box, for all to see. I will keep a secret, or share our letters for the world to see how 2 strangers bare a soul. About nothing, and other things.

    There is joy in walking naked in a crowd.

    There is truth in anonymity.

    At the end of the day, I'm just a man working, living out life's prescriptions before the next life. But man o man, can I purge some soul.

    I would like to touch a soul directly.

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    May i write to you personally?