• dipanjan_b 11w

    The Art of Simplicity

    Perhaps, the onnus of happy life,
    Lies within our deals.
    Turgid words to pull the show,
    Will bring us broken wheels.

    Let us feel the gist of life,
    Let us understand.
    Words can never make us grow,
    We need an arduous hand.

    Thoughts must have the scented touch,
    It must adorn the mind.
    Words must never drill a hole,
    That's pretty hard to find.

    Simple ways to paint a curve,
    Across a thousand lips.
    Lies in actions, each a day,
    Not in verbal drips.

    Get a morn to walk a mile,
    Let them seek a hand.
    Hold them, make them feel at home,
    Give them a worthy brand.

    They are needy, they need food,
    They need a little room.
    Let them have their share of life,
    Beneath the nippy brume.

    I am the soul, I am the fume,
    Denser than the land.
    I must take this worthy call,
    And lend my gruelling hand.