• jadewallin 6w


    It's haunting.
    Haunting me, like a ghost of my past.
    Which it is.

    Their smiles fill my mind.
    Still haunting me.

    My smile, is another ghost.
    A ghost of a past life.

    My laugh,
    I don't remember the sound of it.

    The sparkle and shine
    in their eyes when I told a joke.

    The echo of their laughs filling my dreams,
    my days.
    Now, the echo of their last smile
    etched across their face
    as I said goodbye is
    all I can see when I close my eyes.

    I try to be happy.
    Try to be smile.

    I manage to fake it.

    They believe it, too.

    But I know, my friends
    would see straight past it.

    "But it's over?",
    people sound questioning.

    Are they debating as well?
    That it's over?


    I'm doing something like everyone else.