• dina_97 23w

    It doesn’t take an ON button to activate the pain and an OFF button to deactivate it and start healing. No it works way deeper than that, You start slowly as it begins when you’ve just trying to move on from what’ve been intoxicating you and your heart. Then you try to acknowledge that this has really caused you a trauma that you believe that it cannot be fixed but you didn’t know any better. Later you decide that it was too much energy draining, time consuming, and mind frustrating. This last stage is the alert bell that tells you to wake the hell up and start healing. I know better that waiting for the one who hurts you to be the one who comes and heal you, wont lead us anywhere and you are the one who would stitch yourself up and heal yourself by yourself. Get up and do it for yourself, for your energy to not be drained onto waste, your time to be consumed only by joyful memories and times, and your mind would be only be frustrated by whether you’ve became your best version of yourself or not yet.