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    "Arey install kar Mirakee, timepass karenge xdddd"
    This, this is what started our friendship. We had met a long time ago, almost 8 years ago, but we never talked much, until you asked me to install Mirakee, which, honestly, one of the better decisions I have taken so far.

    So two stupid little guys (yes, we both are stupid and you know that), who didn't know anything about writing, other than couple of poem for our exes, started a writing. You had been here for a week at this point, so you had few posts and followers. You guided me bit and told me...
    "Yaad se repost kar, likes milega xdddd"
    And in my head I was like, "Dude, sirf 5 followers hai mere and they follow you already, kya fayda repost ka XD"

    As we started writing more and more, I saw your hidden talent come out. Well, it was also your dedication towards writing, you spent all day n night writing what you felt and the results were showing. I was in awe, the fck were you doing all this time Dude, you should have started a long time ago. Better late than never, I guess XD. Look at you now, one of the best writer on this app and my personal favourite. And your wall... Should I even talk about it? Everyone knows how amazing it is already.

    We did everything, from talking about our darkest times to bitching about our exes... laughing over other's stupidityto crying on our own. We always supported each other, and tried to cheer up other's mood, which I must say, we both are really bad at XD. I know I'm not much active anymore, I don't write, disappear from mirakee for couple of days... But I'll always be here to support you. Moreover, I'm just 2 songs away from you place :p

    Happiest Birthday Velo !!
    May all you wishes come true and you achieve success in everything you choose to do. And may your "Xs" are always followed by multiple "Ds" (Lol, I can sense a double entendre here)
    Love you Dude ♡

    I'm not much of a writer so this is the best I could do.... But, I have something for you which might make my wish the best one yet (well maybe the 2nd best, the best one is reserved na ��)

    This quarantine made it impossible to get you a cake...
    *Wears a "subscribe to my channel" retard's hat*
    So I made a game for you, where you can eat tons of them. It's shitty and full of bugs, but it works XD
    Tap every single thing, you might find a secret!
    Check the link in the bio :p

    If you readers want to feed @veloc1ty_ a cake, click the link in my bio, download the game and don't forget to tell me your highscores.

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    Happy Birthday Velo!