• princess_kaetee 22w

    I love my God so much so @writerstolli so I decided to write my own to praise my God.
    @writerstolli @writersnetwork @penned_thoughts_ #name_wt #thankyouwriterstolliforthis thank you writers_tolli for this challenge.

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    Princess KaeTee's psalms #1.0

    Priceless than time,
    Required than life itself,
    I know without you am no one.
    Not a second without you can I live,
    Cause You are my God.
    Excellent God behind my success,
    Saving me back to back.
    Sacrificing your Son for me isn't a joke
    Kristiloba is no one without you;
    And yes, Princess Kaetee is nobody without you.
    Embraced me with Your abundant love.
    Tell me why I won't praise you?
    Eternity is too short for me to sing Your praise,
    Even as am encouraged by Your works day by day.