• vivi 6w

    let's concentrate

    .. let's concentrate on the Mother Earth TRADITIONAL, natural remedies, have been used since day of dawn; for healing/protecting, rebuilding our damaged DNA cells etc. From all these chem-trails, consume, consume, consuming too much... less is more, YES... World Toxins are thriving and Mother Earth will reset if we don't stop, rewind; and smarten up. Time is up. We are in the now. Positive Energy, we got this, MINDSET. Surround self with nature, respect it.
    Stand up...
    for our Community, locally, globally.
    These 5gs, look into them,
    they have been first invented for crowd control, yes. Do our research to thrive; our children to thrive. These man-made vaccines, man-made anything represents toxic. Yes? Yes, let us THRIVE on blocking the toxic lifestyles they advertise, produce; Mandate. Say no to Mandate. Block toxic news. The toxic plays, reality shows on screen, the toxic words, the toxic looks; block it all...ACKNOWLEDGE HISTORY REPEATS ITS SELF. TIME UP. ITS A NEW HISTORY TODAY. NO MORE DISRESPECTFUL WAYS OF CONTROL, DISRESPECTING DESTROYING CREATING WRONG DOINGS, BLOCK AND SOLVE WRONG DOINGS WITH OUR STRONG TRIBE WISE ACTIONS OF STANDING CREATING TOGETHER. Smile WITH COURAGE through it all.. it REFLECTS. We got this. Plant a GARDEN, create your medicine box, at home etc.. "What we water will grow." LIVE Courage, Grounded, Calm SPIRIT; STRIVING with a positive outlook that anything, everything is possible; put into a plan; action.
    Life, a flowing River, movement, energy;
    waves, ride them with we got this.. routine of Healthy Balance Atmosphere/Team Play tribe. Yoga, meditation, hiking; PASSIONATE WORK. Work, creation, giving back to our community. What's our balance? Whats our routines? Let's do it. We are doing it. Keep doing it. We got this flow. p.s herbs, oils, butters, roots, foods are medicine.. to each there own... we got this. -May/30/2020 #viviyanniki #local #globally #respect #pathsoflife #motherearth #DrButtar #Rachid -v.n