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    Like him

    With tiny eyes opening wide,
    little feet kicking aside he,
    kissed my forehead with love all right
    His look to me was superhero alike,
    He became my world of dreams overnight,
    His little sayings made me crawl,
    His bit carings made me strong a while,
    Never let a tear shed through my eye,
    Nevertheless he became my light,
    He loves me unconditional alltime,
    Without any demands upright,
    He recalls me his princess prime,
    From keeping my tiny steps on tile,
    To stepping into the world outside,
    He held my hand with confidence hike,
    Teaching me goods and bads of life,
    Crafting Me to be best in times,
    Taking my worries he flew my tentions aside,
    Making me sleep in my sleepless nights,
    He sparkles with me when my smile shines,
    He's never tough on me even at worst of mine,
    Thats why He is My king of All times,
    No one can love me like him divine,
    He is My dad , my love of life,
    Can you be like him, at time
    Please! Then only hold my hand for rest of my life,
    M his princess, care and pride,
    Dun ever ruin her daughters shine,
    She just want care alike,
    Dun fade her precious smile,
    Care her the same his Father did whole life,
    My heart sinked thinking all night,
    How m gonna survive overtime,
    Leaving him and finding a new for mine,
    Who gonna pamper me the same i fright,
    Struggling with my thoughts at upright,
    If u can do the same for his princess chime,
    Please! Can u be just the same like him,
    Then only hold my hand if u can Be like him..
    Then only hold my hand if u can be like him..