• magic_spills_ 43w

    Love came, unexpectedly
    Love stayed, love made promises
    Love had wings, love dived high
    Love creates beautiful rainbows for me
    Love is you

    Love laughs, love cries, love hopes
    Love heals, it breaks, it survives
    Love fights but love cares
    Love loves my half burned foods
    Love is cute, love is messy and
    Makes our room messy too
    Love is you

    Love cooks to make me feel Proud
    Well, tasteless, but effort in it shines
    Love is careless, love is forgetful
    Love looks perfect, love is always shy
    Love is you

    Love pulls me closer and looks
    Into my eyes with affection
    Love catches eye glances
    Love lifts me up and says me
    That I'm heavy and Laughs
    At my angry face.
    Love is you

    Love is crazy, love is insane
    Love is immature, love is my life
    Love turns red, love turns even cuter
    Love is different, love is mine
    Love is you, and You're mine.


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    Love is you