• su_tshant 6w

    I cry tears of oppression.
    I scream a silent violation.
    I long for joy departed.
    I live in depression.
    Lone, sad hearted.

    I see a little further than truth.
    I see glimpses of tomorrow,
    I see ghost of yesterday, yesteryear.
    I see with death mist in eyes..
    I see sorrows and I see goodbyes.
    I cry and I hear cries..
    Cries is all I hear..

    I live and I live in a perpetual fear.
    Fear of what I lost and what I may lose.
    My dear ones, my loved ones..
    My home and my land.
    Murmuring, muttering ever and ever and ever again...
    I walk alone,sometimes i walk without casting a shadow.

    They see me, they see me with a touch of apathy.
    They watch me, they watch me with hate filled eyes.
    They're brimming egos, jealousy, and hatred.
    For I see what they don't see..
    For I speak cryptic..
    For they can't crack my shell.
    So they tie up and throw me in the jail.