• wordslover321 6w

    Musical journey of rain!

    As the rain starts to take force, the winds start gusting in all directions..

    The gusting winds makes a shower of leaves and flowers. I just watched a tree with yellow flowers going through this shower..

    The thunder and the lightning. Though there is a science to rain, cloud, lightning and thunder, I feel it has a cinematic effect

    Watching the rain..

    The rain clouds out the vision and makes the entire scene misty. It's a beautiful scene..

    Hearing the sound of rain. It starts as a slight sprinkle and gets stronger..

    Once the rain abates, the ground is all wet, the climate is mellow and a lazy town feel spreads around..

    The smell of earth comes to the fore. A raw and rustic smell..

    Sometimes there is a hail storm which is interesting and as kids we used to run around trying to get hold of the ice..

    I remember making small paper boats and watching them glide in the rain puddles..

    Something warm to drink while watching the rain is insanely delightful. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It tastes better than your regular morning coffee..

    Something spicy to tag along. Hot bhajjis anyone? ;)

    The sweaters come out of the closet ;)

    Just sitting in your chair and reflecting on your life while the rain sings along in the background..

    The peeking sun and the sunshine it brings after the rain is priceless!