• undeadpoetdespair 6w

    Chocolate Cupcake

    So, I sat at my table, eating a chocolate cupcake at six this morning.
    It was so delicious; mostly because I knew I shouldn't have had it.
    Something about breaking my own restrictions was freeing, and that freedom sent me into deep thought.

    We, you, me
    Eat, all the time
    When we shouldn't
    And not all consumption is food

    Is how I describe rule breaking
    The feeling in your stomach
    On your tastebuds
    Feeling like you are the exception
    To have such luxuries
    Ingredients must include
    And confidence
    A texture smooth like expensive chocolate

    Lick the chocolate off your lips
    Before someone does it for you
    A tongue, or a napkin
    You won't be able to tell which
    One will enable you
    The other will destroy you, come to grips

    That you are not special
    And things do apply
    A napkin wipes it all away
    A tongue will hang you to dry
    Not everyone around you
    Are as in agreement as it seems
    Indulge yourself occasionally
    Or the rotting of teeth
    To yourself and environment
    You will bring

    Humility sometimes, is sweeter than sugar