• wander_book 10w


    If I am gone tomorrow 
    What will you think of me
    What would be my legacy 
    Would I just be a body wrapped in sorrow 

    Slow would the sun rise 
    On a body that is cold
    Unknown to a world that was hidden behind a blind fold
    A hardened world not seen by dead eyes

    Normalized, infact its weird to not be hurt
    With Gunshots, and knives 
    drug stricken lives
    Children! Your eyes you must avert!

    Alert to your surroundings.
    Never walk alone at night 
    If you get raped it's all your fault despite-
    How could he not? Her arse needed a fondling

    Ring ring ring, it's the police 
    We are sorry to announce but
    She drove a knife into her gut
    With a note signed "your niece" 

    Peace, when will the fighting stop
    When will humans be humane
    And not go to war over spilled champagne 
    No more heads to be chopped 

    Drops, of tears spill off her face
    Because her girlfriend was gone
    Her sexuality, her parents frowned upon 
    So they sent her to an abusive place

    Misplaced, where did I put all my friends 
    Did they leave me alone 
    Why won't they pick up the phone?
    Was that the end?

    Dead. I think I'm dead 
    If I am gone-