• myohsorandomthoughts 11w

    In or out?
    You decide everything.
    You tell me it's fine.
    And that people are this way
    I want to yell you to stop.
    To stay still for a moment.
    But I lose my voice.
    Drowning in the sea
    Of thoughts in my mind
    If only this moment would last
    If only we never had a start
    Conflicting thoughts
    Coupled with conflicting actions
    I am enslaved by your lies,
    And my own empathetic mind
    By the time I find my conscience
    You'll have left me far behind
    You come and go as you please
    Is it too much to ask
    For you to stand still and stand with me
    Even if it's for a brief moment
    Give me something to hold on to
    A moment to make believe
    That you are where I need to be.