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    I call it a flow . And however whatever , I celebrate its journey , landing a clink on the air . ��

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    Hey , Namesake!
    Can I name my Monster , GOD ?

    Right !
    Wrong !
    And ,
    Intention, must be the third word .
    Right ?
    He says .
    He earses my belief hand-less .
    He gives me a chalk .
    He commands .
    To draw something with it
    I go for his face ,
    The nearest option ,
    To my attempt ,
    I get a manipulated pride
    He remarks my uncensored
    With an artits's guilt
    Gives me back a proud grin , a failed Picasso.
    I embrace everything he gives,
    Be it a chalk
    Or a command
    Or a failed Picasso
    Or a graphaite substitution .
    Or a contract to kill a man
    To make a woman out of him .
    Or nothing .

    When nothing ,
    We just sit .
    I talk . He pays
    A wordless judgement.
    Not right. Nor wrong .
    Never an intention .
    I talk . He pays silence.
    He repays it . I talk breathless .

    Can I clip a smile to this globe ?
    He nods an impossible .
    Rather he clips his smile ,to a rose ,
    And says , "grow it.
    grow it everywhere "
    On the sand , on the sea
    On the plastic , on the origami
    My smile smells stupid
    In front of his murdered rule-book
    Of profanity .

    I yell immorality .

    Hey , Namesake !
    Can I name my monster , GOD ?
    Or the other way round. Or likewise ?
    In his answer,
    He leans and kisses
    my palm
    My fingers , my wrist ,
    They glow like
    Neon .
    My hand becomes just another
    Word .
    His face , a question mark .
    I lean forward but
    Forget how to kiss .

    Our city melts into
    Simpler things ,
    Than civilization ,
    Than poetry
    Than meanings
    Than a loved life .
    While we embrace
    An one sided limerick ,
    A dry smooch ,
    From both the sides .

    You might not get it but
    We ,
    Fit into each other's lack of humour .
    Yes .
    I Laugh ,
    Nonsense .
    He laughs a consent to it .