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    Keep safe everyone, It's hard but we can get through it together.

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    Wildfire Fears

    My body is in bed, but my soul is in wildfire.

    I go through the daily grind,
    With naught but adrenaline in my mind.
    Inside my head I scream and pound,
    While in class my mountain's a mound.

    I have no safety if I fall from the sky,
    And yet I jump while not knowing why.
    I'm laying down, running, I feel insane,
    Even little things bother me like "will it rain?"

    I am in need of help, I'm under attack,
    But I have no friends who stay six feet back.
    I want to live, I want to play,
    But I'm afraid fun will get in the way.

    My mind is in pain, my situation is dire,
    My body's in bed, my soul burned in wildfire.