• maadhavee 10w

    I strongly believe that one should always write a note to oneself.. To make one remind to praise the grandeur of the journey.. To make one remind to cherish each up and down..
    To make one remind that you have to stand up and face the world with same zeal that u have on your first day on the Earth..
    To make one remind that u should be grateful to others as well..To make one remind to follow the religion of humanity..
    To make one remind to keep the doors open for criticism..
    To make one remind to nurture the relation with their soul..

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    Maadhavee, today don't think or say, "I'm tired",. "I'm hurt","I'm angry",. Don't even think or say," I'm happy".

    Instead, think and say, " I've chosen to be tired, hurt and angry." Or better still, " I'm choosing to be happy."

    You don't get "hit " by feelings, you feel them based on your perception, and you perceive based on your beliefs, and you believe as you choose..

    You are your own words..