• poetryandlyrics 5w

    People can kill with tiny phrases
    To others they seem harmless
    To some it's sharper than a blade
    Cuts through the soul not the skin
    Heartless lines and hurtful lies
    It can change someone's world upside down
    Choose your words before you spit them out
    Before you shatter someone's dreams
    Before you cause someone's demise
    Words are powerful weapons
    It can build and it can destroy
    It is one of mankind's greatest creation
    Once uttered you can't take it back
    Sorry can heal the wound but forever leaves a scar
    It becomes a burden someone will carry through out their life
    It will keep playing in their minds
    Until it devours them whole from the inside out

    //Kali, 9:08 am, 12-16-2019//