• brightest_star 4w

    #BestSister #Poem #Trust #Love #GirlPower #Funny #Ingrid

    Damn, I miss my sister a lot! ����

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    Hardly three or four months had passed,
    But this bonding seems like an eternity
    So little we knew, but so much too
    Our love created a sisterhood's memory.

    You bear my tantrums
    You bear my gloomy mood
    That half of tge time proceeds
    After you tell me soemthing about my dude.

    You guide me when I am suicidal
    You're uptight when I am wrong
    But when I talk of leaving you
    There begins your "Don't leave me" song.

    When badboy bewitched you
    Or when you were tipsy with the rest
    When your craziness assaulted you
    "Hey help me!" Was your first text

    I can' stop being thankful
    For the way you understand me
    I can't stop being....
    You brought the best in me.

    Thank you sis