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    Reaching Out in the Dark

    He’s walking up the stairs, slowly.

    I can hear every slender step, though
    I’m sure he believes I can’t. My
    breath quickens ever so slightly.

    It’s late and he must think I’m fast
    asleep. He reaches the top of the
    stairs and stops. And my heart stops
    with him. I float for a moment on
    our soft sheets. He walks to the
    room and opens the door, carefully.

    The gentle carefulness of someone
    who truly cares. Someone who’d watch
    over me as I slept, breathing every
    soft breath. He takes off his shirt
    and his pants and crawls in beside
    me. He kisses me on the shoulder a
    goodnight kiss, blown by the sandman
    for all my dreams. But I’m awake so
    I whisper to him, reaching out in
    the dark to feel his face, his beard,
    his lips. And he reaches into darkness
    to feel me. To feel my furry cheeks,
    down to my chest to stroke the hair
    and flesh, digging into my heart. I
    kiss him. He kisses me back. And I
    know he is happy.

    Aleksander Mielnikow (Alek the Poet)

    Photo by Radek Pestka on Unsplash

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    Reaching Out in the Dark